Company:Chemi-Con Corporation
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Contact:Nelso Hsu
Tel:+886-2-2219-0505 (#226)

Company Overview

Since its establishment in 1931, Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. As a supporter of this advanced electronic industry, we are very pleased to have contributed to its development.

The electronics industry has grown remarkably in recent years as typified by continually advancing digital consumer electronics and car electronics, high efficiency power electronics which drives energy conservation. As an electronic components manufacturer, a supporter of advanced devices, Nippon Chemi-Con (NCC) feels the strong expectation from the market.

Product Catalogue

Competitive Advantages

NDB is a professional electronic component distributor, and sells NCC electrolytic capacitors and CHOKE COILS, FILM CAPACITORS, MLCC, VARISTORS and other products. High quality customer service is one of the most important objective of NDB.

NDB provides complete sales support for NCC Products. NDB has a complete warehousing and logistics network in both sides of the strait to ensure that your order can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

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